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Water Jetter

The water jetter is a motorised high pressure cleaning unit that can produce up to 5000psi of water pressure. The water jetter works by delivering a concentrated hard stream of water down the pipe, directly into the blockage to loosen and break it away. While the main jet of water works to dislodge the blockage, two more jets of water work together to break up the debris and push it out of the pipe.

When used correctly by a trained professional; the water jetter will in most cases dislodge and remove any built up residue such as grease, sludge, dirt, debris and even large tree roots which have made the drain or pipe their home over a period of many months or even years.

Having your pipes and drains cleaned with a water jetter can also remove up to 30% more of the blockage then the use of an electric eel alone. Also because the water jetter can do the job faster and more efficient than many other devices on the market, we can save you a lot of inconvenience and money.